special glass

We supply and fit a variety of specialised glasses for applications including fire glass, safety glass and security glass.

safety glass broken


Stocking both wired and clear fire rated glass. We can offer 6mm wired glass with up to 60 minute integrity only.

And clear fire glass in a range of thicknesses certified from 30 minutes integrity up to 60 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation.



Stocking 6.4 mm, 8.4 mm, 10.4 mm laminated safety glass. We can toughen from 4mm up to 19mm clear glass.



Our standard range of laminated glass offers a high level of security, but for Banks, Cash Intensive locations, Jewellers etc., we can offer 11.5 mm and beyond into a range of bullet resistant glass.



fire glasstoughened glass contstruction diagram